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  • Individual Aircraft Appraisals
  • Training Fleet Appraisals
  • Engine Appraisals
  • Flight Simulator Appraisals
  • Parts Inventory Appraisals
  • Future Value Projections
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Appraisals For

  • Post-Damage Value Analysis
  • Partner Buyouts
  • Divorce Settlements
  • Tax Appeals
  • Fractional Share Buy-outs
  • IRS Donation Values

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  • Commercial Aviation Value  Reports magazine
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  • Banks and Leasing Firms
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  • JP Morgan Leasing
  • Wachovia Bank
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  • McDonald's
  • Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts
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 What is the "true" value of a Jet?

Today's aircraft values change quicker, more frequently and more radically than in the past. They are pushed and pulled by rapidly evolving market conditions, the regulatory environment, competition and general economic realities. It takes a company with extensive knowledge of business aircraft to accurately determine the value of an aircraft. But that, by itself, isn't enough. Company employees must also know appraisal principles and practices. Ideally, the company has certified appraisers who are also pilots and aircraft owners. Jetsworth LLC brings all these together to provide an aircraft valuation service that tells you what your aircraft is really worth in today's rapidly changing market.

Jetsworth focuses on the valuation of corporate aircraft, specifically jets and turboprops. Jetsworth's experience with the marketplace allows our appraisers to quickly and realistically determine the value of an aircraft.

A Jetsworth appraisal is accurate, independent, unbiased and delivered quickly.

 Three Questions to Ask Your Appraiser:

 Are You Independent?

Jetsworth does not buy, sell or broker aircraft. As a result, we have no role in shaping the aircraft market.

Nor are we tied to a price from an aircraft valuation guidebook that is published four times a year. Prices in the industry's valuation books can be based on six-month-old transactions. Today's aircraft sales market moves too fast to rely on stale data.

Jetsworth's researchers constantly track market activity and reflect that in each of our appraisals. Your best unbiased, accurate valuation comes from Jetsworth!

 Are You Accredited?

It's one thing to know aircraft. It's another thing to know appraisal practices. But your best aircraft appraisal will come from an appraiser who knows both aircraft and appraisal practices. The American Society of Appraisers (ASA) is recognized as the world's leading appraisal accreditation organization, requiring rigorous classroom instruction and testing before conferring accreditation on a candidate. Jetsworth's lead appraiser has been named an Accredited Senior Appraiser by ASA, one of only 16 in the US with a specialty in aircraft valuations.

 Are You Quick?

Bankers, lenders, lessors, and aircraft dealers all compete vigorously for their next deal. You have an advantage if your appraiser responds quickly when you need to know what an aircraft is worth. Jetsworth's researchers are constantly monitoring the aircraft market - certainly more frequently than four times a year - so your appraisal can be rendered quickly and accurately. And speed and accuracy win the deal!